Show Networks and Control Systems, Second Edition

Show Networks and Control Systems, the industry standard since 1994, is both a learning guide for beginners and a reference for experienced technicians. With its unique combined focus on computers, networks, and control systems, the book covers the art and practice of using these tools for live shows such as concerts, theatre productions, theme park attractions, themed-retail installations, cruise ship shows, museum exhibits, interactive media projects, and traditional performing arts. The book offers an in-depth examination of the technology used behind the scenes in lighting, lasers, audio, video, stage machinery, animatronics, special effects, and pyrotechnics and show control, the technique used to interconnect and synchronize two or more show systems. In this extensively revised and updated second edition (after three editions with the previous title, Control Systems for Live Entertainment), Huntington draws on more than three decades of experience in the field and classroom to clearly explain what goes on behind the scenes and inside the machines that bring bold performances to life in real-world settings.

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Zircon Designs Press

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-95873-5
ISBN-10: 0692958738
LCCN: 2017916524
BISAC: Performing Arts / Theater / Stagecraft

Approximately 132,000 words.

Acclaim for Show Networks and Control Systems:

“We recommend this book to engineers and students who ask us, ‘How do I learn how to do what you do?’ We also tell our newly hired engineers that they should be conversant with the entire contents of this book because it covers the core knowledge commonly needed in the design of show control systems.” 

Glenn Birket, P.E.; President, Birket Engineering, Inc., Designers of show and ride control systems since 1984

“Today's entertainment technology students training to work on tomorrow's cutting edge are just as likely to need to know IP Addresses and Data Protocols as knots and drawing conventions.  John Huntington's book provides an invaluable introduction to networking for entertainment systems, helping students build a foundation and vocabulary for systems integration across lighting, sound, media, scenery, and more.”

David Boevers, Professor, Carnegie Mellon School of Drama

“Given the increasing complexity of entertainment systems, today’s tech needs access to an abundance of fresh information, and this book provides it in a well-organized, easy-to-digest manner. This is the best book you will find on the subject of entertainment control systems and show networks because Huntington not only teaches it but also uses it extensively in the real world. If you're serious about your profession in the entertainment production industry, you'll read this book now.”

Richard Cadena, author of Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician (Focal Press 2009) and Automated Lighting: The Art and Science of Moving Light, 2nd Edition (Focal Press 2010); founder of Academy of Production Technology; PLASA technical editor; and freelance lighting designer.

“John's book, Show Networks and Control Systems, is a treasure chest of information that leads us to a creative world of possibilities, with many great avenues of escape when we find ourselves stuck in a cul-de-sac of ideas.”

Jonathan Deans, Sound Designer for Cirque du Soleil, Broadway, and events, shows, and installations worldwide.

“Show Networks and Control Systems” describes the technology on the leading edge of the entertainment industry and looks out into the future of entertainment networks.  All serious entertainment technologists will study this book and everyone will learn something from it."

Gary Fails, President, City Theatrical

“The new generation of entertainment technology is almost wholly focused on making individual systems communicate and cooperate with each other so that the show operates like a single coordinated machine. This book is on the cutting edge of that new wave, and it presents these indispensable techniques and concepts in clear, concise terms and examples. It's easily the best resource for anyone needing a better understanding of where entertainment control technology is today and where it's headed in the future.”

Scott Fisher, Founder, Fisher Technical Services

“Most technicians can learn to use show networking and control equipment. They accomplish this by reading manuals and taking classes. Exceptional technicians understand how their gear works inside and out. They accomplish this by reading John Huntington's book. As DIP switches disappear from equipment and are replaced by IP addresses, knowledge of Ethernet and Internet Protocol will become an integral part of being an exceptional technician. John's second edition brings his classic work on show control up to date and teaches networking at a level that would make grizzled network engineers proud.”

Jason Potterf, Cisco

“Show Networks and Control Systems is the definitive guide for designing and using network technology across a wide range of live performance applications. It's a must-read for designers, technicians, and engineers of all experience levels.”

Steve Terry,  Director of Standards and Industry Relations, ETC