About the controlgeek.net Blog

I started writing this blog in February 2008, pretty much by accident.  I've had a web site for my book since the mid-1990's, but it kind of stagnated because I got tired of working in HTML and dealing with uploading, etc.  After a bit of research, I switched to Squarespace as my web host because I wanted to be able to generate an RSS feed in order to feed out new articles, etc as I posted them on the site.  (I'm a big user of Google Reader) I used the blog format to generate this feed, and everything just led from there, and now (as of June, 2009), I'm averaging about 3000 unique visitors per month.

I only post when I have something I think is interesting to share, and in recent years that's been once or twice a year.  As I've gone along, I try to only post when I can add something to an entry, or it's original content I have created.  I try to stay on the topic of entertainment technology, but I do post on off-topic stuff (like kayaking and weather) when I want whatever I'm posting to be search-able (everything else I post on Facebook).

Commenting Policy

I don't get a lot of comments, but I do moderate all of them because I used to get a fair number of link-back spam attempts.  Otherwise, I don't edit anything in the posts and I will approve every post as long as it's not by an obviously deranged person.  I do, however, reserve the right to reject any post by anyone who won't use their real name (unless they have a good reason to be anonymous).


I have an RSS feed of the blog posts here.  Posts from that feed also feed to Twitter.